Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12.00 – 14.30.

3 and 6 courses are only served when ordered by all guests at the table and before 13.30.
Thereafter we will only be serving Danish ‘Smørrebrød’.


Monkfish “cerviche” with gooseberries, unripe plums, spinach and coriander from the garden
Leeks from the garden with Thybo cheese, pickled leek flowers and grilled sauce
Witch with cauliflower and sauce of thyme and mussels*
Free range BBQ pork with biodynamic cabbage, gooseberries and sauce on black currant leaves*
Nordic cheese with flatbread
Ice cream on rose hip with berries, lovage and local cream

The courses marked with * are served as a 3 course menu

6 courses 895 DKK / Wine menu 795 DKK
3 courses 550 DKK / Wine menu 450 DKK


Snacks, 6 courses, water and wine
1.650 DKK


Potatoes with pickled green tomatoes, chives mayonnaise, fried onions and radish
100 DKK

Shrimps on roasted bread with lemon mayonnaise and eggs
155 DKK

Fried fish fillet with cauliflower pickles, capers, cabbage and dild
(Shrimps and mayonnaise +15 DKK)
125 DKK

Roasted cabbage with grains, gammel knas, poached egg and lovage
110 DKK

Grilled pork with pickled and fried onions
135 DKK

Classic tatare with lettuce and potato chips
150 DKK

150 DKK

130 DKK