Clever charging

At Hotel Frederiksminde you have the opportunity to charge your electric car at our Clever charging station.
Use your chip and charge your car when you visit Hotel Frederiksminde.
This costs 250,- per charge. Please contact the reception.

The stand is 22 kw

Winter swimming / Sauna by Præstø Fjord

In collaboration with Præstø Vinterbadeklub we offer,
that our guests can use the sauna at Præstø Fjord.
This costs 125,- per person.

Opening hours of the sauna as of October 22, 2022
Monday-Friday from 07-10.00 and 16.00-20.00
Saturday and Sunday from 07.00-18.00.

The season ends in April 2023.

Please contact the reception for the sauna code on
phone 5590 9030 or at

Teambuilding with Outdoor Sports

Strengthen the bond between co-workers through adventures in the nature of Præstø.
We are able to provide guided sight seeings, hikes, kayaking and rental of mountain bikes for you to explore both the water and the forest that surrounds us.

Contact us for further information and let us provide you a program that suits your specific needs or those of your team.

Wine tasting

Minimum of 6 persons

Let us take you on a journey into the world of wine.
The wine tasting can be a fun contribution to a family trip, or can be used as a nice break from a busy day.

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"Præstø Roklub"

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Historic walks

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Thorvaldsen Collection

Museum at "Nysø Gods"

Visit the Thorvaldsen Collection, which is within walking distance of the hotel.
The museum is open on Thursdays (through June 22) and Sundays 11am-4pm from April 2 through August 27, 2023.
It is possible to visit the museum all year round by appointment. The visit must be arranged 1-2 days before arrival.

With a visit to the Thorvaldsen Collection at Nysø, you can experience unique art by Thorvaldsen, view one of Denmark's earliest and very beautiful baroque buildings from the outside and enjoy wonderful nature in one and the same trip.


As a result of the replacement of the bilge in 1919, it was decided to establish the Thorvaldsen Collection on Nysø in the estate's eastern cavalry wing. The purpose is to preserve Thorvaldsen's works and the memories of him from the Nysø era in a public place

Preparations began in earnest in 1921 with the newly appointed director of Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen, Th. Oppermann, and Master Otto Andrup as the main museum forces behind the organization and design of the museum.

In 1926, the Thorvaldsen Collection on Nysø opened its doors to visitors for the first time, and today the museum's permanent exhibition is largely the same as when Oppermann and Andrup founded the museum.

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Camp Adventure

Forest Tower / Climbing Park
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Riddle House Escape Room

With the concept Escape Rooms, you get entertainment and seriousness for any occasion. Riddlehouse comes to you, with the mobile Escape room, that is the perfect break for a conference or after a busy day. Escape Room is a practical team-building element, with communication and collaboration in focus. Please contact our reception to find out more.

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