The Vegetable Garden

We started our kitchen garden in 2014 with Carsten, a local farmer.
Carsten visited Frederiksminde in early spring and loved the passion for herbs and vegetables he saw in the kitchen, therefore he offered us a piece of his farmyard. Since then, our kitchen garden has grown year after year and the number of vegetables from our own production has multiplied.

We grew everything ourselves. Chefs and apprentices alike have carefully planted every single seed and cutting. Some with great results and some with lesser, but we are constantly learning, and enjoy to see our farm thrive.
In spring and summer the vegetables plated in the evening are harvested in the morning.

In 2020, in collaboration with Idrætshøjskolen Bosei, we laid out our own kitchen garden on the edge of Faksinge forest, just a few kilometers from the hotel. Sustainable local cooperation between two institutions.

It is our skilled gardener, David, who sows and harvests the vegetables that you can enjoy here at Frederiksminde later in the day. The goal is that in time we will only serve home-produced vegetables in our michelin restaurant in Frederiksminde, and we are already well on our way.