Essence Menu

Cabbage juice with sorrel and celery oil
Vegetables with sauce verde
Spring lettuce with chives vinaigrette and Tegel cheese
Celeriac with roasted yeast, rosemary oil and flower buds
Raw langoustine with horseradish, dill, radish and pickled elderflower
Tonburi with green asparagus, gooseberries juice and smoked sour cream
Razor clam with roasted mussel emulsion and gherkins
Bleak roe with sheep’s milk cream from Møn and freshly squeezed hazelnuts oil
Our bread
White asparagus with “Wrangeback” cheese and tarragon oil
Langø Turbot with cauliflower, Gold Caviar, white asparagus and Vermouth
Squid with roasted kelp oil, potato puré and grilled blue mussel sauce
Organic chicken from Lolland with miso bbq, baked onions, green asparagus, ramson and morels
Sheep’s milk yoghurt from Møn with whey curd, roses, verbena oil and white chocolate
Roasted chocolate ice cream with mustard seeds oil
Raspberry pate de fruit
Brown butter Madeleine
Pie with black currant

Essence Menu 2.200,- ⋅ Beverage pairing 1.800,- ⋅ Juice pairing 750,-
(Our Essence Menu is served for a maximum of up to 10 people)

Dine on a weekday and save 200,-
This applies to our small and grand Essence Menu as well as our wine and juice pairings.

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The Essence of Frederiksminde
Sparkling wine ⋅ Water ⋅ Essence Menu ⋅ Beverage pairing ⋅ Coffee ⋅ Tea
4.100,- / Weekday discount of 400,-

Small Essence Menu
The kitchen selects approximately 1o servings from our Essence Menu.
Menu 1.600,- ⋅ Beverage pairing 1.300,- ⋅ Juice pairing 750,-

The Weekday Menu
Snacks, sourdough bread & 3 courses

Pikeperch with cabbage, cauliflower with Vermouth and Katsuobushi
Organic chicken from Lolland with miso bbq, baked onions, ramson and morels
Sheep’s milk yoghurt, whey, roses, verbena and white chocolate

Menu 700,- ⋅ Wine pairing 500,- ⋅ Juice pairing 250,-

Please notice
Groups over 6 persons will be seated in a separate room.
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate dietary habits, diets or extensive allergies at our Essence menu. It is possible to get a smaller selection from our Essence menu for example without meat, fish or gluten. For questions, please contact the reception.

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The above prices are only valid for 2023.
No price guarantee is given for 2024 and beyond.