Our responsibility / Sustainability

For Mindeværdig, it is important to be a responsible company, which constantly concerns for the environment and society. Our commitment to constantly improve and think new, for a better legacy to our future generations, is rooted in our management principles.

We strive to prioritize our purchase and production of goods and products in a geographical logic where it is possible; Local, regional, national and international. A great deal of the menus and courses are based on local products, produced in sustainable environments with close partnerships and exchanges of ideas, methods and product development. Ecological and sustainable products are used where possible, and always prioritized. From our own production of vegetables and herbs, we monitor and constantly develop the use of the products, to gain the most and best outcome from a sustainability perspective.

The awareness of the environment and the potential impact when managing a restaurant is also a part of the mindset in the overall management team. Therefore, we do what is possible to provide housing and facilities to the employees to both strengthen the local community, but of course also to minimize transportation. We are engaged in local and public initiatives to involve new inhabitants or people returning to jobmarket with positions suitable for the specific purpose of successful integration.

In terms of garbage and waste we are taking local initiative to change waste handling in new and more appropriate ways (sorting from the source user), but this is strongly related to local regulation. Denmark as nation is already doing this in private households, but the system is not completely integrated for businesses yet, but we are in the process of developing these fields with other local businesses.

The soaps and other materials for cleaning and maintenance are all certified and labelled environmental friendly.