Saturday 12.00 – 15.00 (Latest booking 13.30).
Wednesday – Saturday from June 21 – August 6 2022.
Friday and Saturday from August 9 – August 27 2022.

Open sandwiches

Cold smoked salmon // DKK 140 
Double cream, horseradish, kohlrabi and summer preserves

Hand peeled skaw shrimps // DDK 160
White asparagus, lovage mayonnaise and fennel

Breaded plaice // DKK 140 
Hand peeled Smögen shrimps and mayonnaise

Grilled green asparagus // DKK 130
4-year-old Havgus cheese, grains and roasted yeast emulsion

Chicken salad// DKK 135
Tarragon and asparagus

Bistro Menu
Cold smoked salmon with lovage mayonnaise, beach herbs, chives vinaigrette and peas
Organic chicken from Lolland with green asparagus and chicken fumé
Yoghurt sorbet with rhubarb and white chocolate

3 courses DKK 495 / Beverage pairing DKK 450

(Vegetarian alternativ, please contact the reception.)

Selection of Nordic cheese
DKK 135

Dessert of the day
DKK 95

Cake of the day
DKK 65

Petit Four
DKK 30