Friday and Saturday 12.00 – 15.00 

Open sandwiches

Young potatoes // DKK 130
Preserved tomatoes, chives vinaigrette and danish stracciatella

Pickled herring // DDK 130
Egg, summer preserves, herb mayonnaise and cress

Danish mackerel // DDK 140
Tomatoes, garden fennel and peber emulsion

Cold smoked salmon // DKK 140 
Double cream, horseradish, kohlrabi and summer preserves

Smögen shrimps // DDK 160
Butter fried sourdough bread and lovage mayonnaise

Breaded plaice // DKK 155
Hand peeled shrimps, smoked butter vinaigrette, grilled peas and beach herbs

Grilled lettuce  // DKK 150
“Sauce verde”, poached egg, Skagen ham and Havgus cheese

Roastbeef// DKK 140
Pickles, fried onions and horseradish

(OBS: It is possible to pree order a 3 courses lunch menu for groups of 6 persons plus. Please reach out to our reception.)

Selection of Nordic cheese
DKK 135

Dessert of the day
DKK 95

Cake of the day
DKK 75

Petit Four
DKK 35