Saturday 12.00 – 15.00 

Open sandwiches

Ruths herring // DDK 135
Butternut squash, white currant and Gl. Knas cheese

Egg & hand peeled shrimps // DKK 150
Lovage mayonnaise, dill cress

Cold smoked salmon // DKK 145 
Double cream, horseradish and kohlrabi

Mushroom toast // DDK 140
Cream 50, thyme and Havgus cheese

Breaded plaice // DKK 150
“Remoulade” and lemon

Dry aged, organic pork // DKK 140
Yeast emulsion, mustard, garden cabbage and pickled onions


Selection of Nordic cheese
DKK 135

Dessert of the day
DKK 95

Cake of the day
DKK 75

Petit Four
DKK 35

Important: We are more than happy to cook a 3 courses Bistro Menu.
The menu has to be ordered minimum 1 day in advance, and we only serve the menu to all guests at the table.

The above prices are only valid for 2022.
No price guarantee is given for 2023 and beyond.