Aperitif & 3 courses

Smoked salmon from Hindsholm Røgeri with horseradish, dill oil and herbs
Chicken from Dalbakkegaard with vegetables from the garden and sauce Blanquette
Strawberry sorbet with lemon creme and white chocolate

DKK 700 per person
DKK 1.100 per person incl. wine pairing

2 different of snacks DKK 100 per person
Upgrade your aperitif with Champagne DKK 85 per person
Soda DKK 45 (is settled according to consumption)
Beer from DKK 50 (is settled according to consumption)
Cofee/tea DKK 50 per person
Coffee, tea and sweets DKK 100 per person

Late night snacks
“Build yourself” hot dogs with proper DKK 130 per person
“Build yourself” pork roast sandwich DKK 145 per person
Scandinavian cheese and sausages DKK 135 per person