Wednesday – Saturday from 12.00 – 15.00.

3 and 6 courses are only served when ordered by all guests at the table and before 13.30.
Thereafter we will only be serving Danish ‘Smørrebrød’. The restaurant closes at 15.30.

For booking of 7 persons or more – the food has to be pre-ordered – thank you.

Snacks, sourdough bread and 3 or 6 courses

Raw Skaw shrimps with sour cream verbena, summer pickles and orpine*
Danish mackerel with horseradish, tomato and rosemary
Grilled greens with sauce on fermented vegetables and black currant leave oil
Iberico pork with broad beans, elderflower and fig leave oil*
Summer leeks with parsley, pickled flower buds and Gl. Knas cheese
”Koldskål” a Danish classic with strawberries and woodruff*

3 courses* 550 DKK / Beverage pairing 500 DKK
6 courses 895 DKK / Beverage pairing 795 DKK

Snacks, sourdough bread and 3 courses

Cabbage with preserved plums and herb infused butter
Grilled vegetables with fermented juice and black currant leaf oil
”Koldskål” a Danish classic with strawberries and woodruff

3 courses 500 DKK / Beverage pairing 500 DKK

A lunch at Frederiksminde
Snacks / Water / Sourdough bread / 6 courses / Beverage pairing
1.650 DKK

Nordic cheeses
150 DKK


”Koldskål” a Danish classic with strawberries and woodruff
130 DKK


New potatoes
Lovage, radish, pickles and herbs from our garden
115 DKK

Hand-peeled shrimps with eggs
Sourdough bread, herb mayonnaise and cress
150 DKK

Roasted flounder
Remoulade, lemon and heart salad
(With mayonnaise and hand-peeled shrimps + 20 DKK)
130 DKK

Cured salmon
Summer pickles, horseradish, grains and green asparagus
130 DKK

Chicken salad
Peas and chanterelles
135 DKK

BBQ Iberico
Cauliflower, pickles and hazelnuts
135 DKK